Mahakala Finger Ring


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Our Mahakala Ring gives your finger a fierce touch for that feeling of power. Mahakala, a wrathful deity, is considered to be the fierce and powerful emanation of Avalokiteshvara, the bodhisattva of compassion. This specific deity defends the Dharma from corruption and degeneration and from forces hostile to it, keeps the site of the ritual free from impure thoughts and actions, guides and protect the individual practitioner from all kinds of deception and delusion, bestows the power to overcome life struggles; and to eliminates one’s obstacles and impediment that hinders.

Karma Mantra’s collections is Spiritual Individuality. Each selection is inspired by ancient traditions, but calls you to be your own light – your own divine. And it’s those ancient influences, coupled with modern,detail, that grant you the freedom to truly make an individual statement.


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